Who is Mohamad the holy prophet

I don't know who are you, but I wrote this little text to share my knowledge about The man who I got to know...
(( The Mohammad holy prophet ))
Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is the latest of god`s holy prophets that came after holy Jesus Christ in about 611 AD. He was born in Arabic peninsula in middle east, his ancestors were from Qedar ,son of Ishmael ,son of Abraham , That was the first son of Abraham.
Based on Genesis of hebrew holy Bible, Ishmael (or Ismail , Ancestor of Mohammad) is ancestor of twelve priences (Imams from Mohammad to Mahdi) :
(God answers that Ishmael has been blessed and that He “will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.”  ) -  Genesis Chapters 16, 17, 21, 25
Mohamad is a man that learned arab wild people with quoran, and made them a big nation with a big empire for hundreds of years. him holy book Quoran contains the best of Literary and cultural educative sentences that can glow shines the way of human nations unity and coexistence...
He learnd wild people of Arabic peninsula the way that they conquest other strong empires of middle east with shine of love and peace...
He was the man who says "Every body slept in peace and his neighbor was hungry, he is not a Moslem." (that means we have try to help every body.
He was the man who learned us that "Every body comes to your house hungry, food him and don't ask what is his Religion, because who is worth for god with live , at least should be worth for you to food and peace."
He was the man who says "Scientists are torches of the vale and the prophets’ representatives, and heirs to me and the other prophets."

He was the man who said "God will help the people so long as they seeks to help their congeners."
He was the man who said "Every body who strives to earn money for the comfort of his family is like one who fights for sake of the god."
He was the man who said "Connivance towards people secures half of faith, and showing leniency towards them is another half of faith."
He was the man who said "He who is moderate shall not taste poverty."
He was the man who said "Expecting praise from people makes the eye blind and the ear deaf."
He was the man who said "God designated me as a prophet to perfect moral standards of humanity."

And he is the man who is just he is ...
آe enunciated that Holy Jesus Christ will acknowledge his Prophecy and Faith for people in future ...
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